Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

It mainly refers to that, under vacuum condition, the material can be uniformly high shear emulsified with a phase or multiple phase distribution or at least another continuous phase. The use of machinery to bring strong momentum, making the material in the stator in narrow gap high sheared, hydraulic shear under hundreds of thousands of times per minute. Instant evenly dispersed emulsion, after high frequency cycles, will end up with no bubble for exquisite and stable quality products.

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RHJ-D Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

RHJ-D series vacuum emulsifying machine adopt advanced overseas technology. It is specially designed for cosmetic cream and pharmaceutical cream products. The whole system is consist of water pot, oil pot, main pot, vacuum pump, hydraulic system, tilting discharge system, electric controlling system, platform etc.

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Homogenizing Mixer

JBJ-I Liquid washing homogenizing mixer is available for liquid products such as detergent, perfume, lotion etc. The mixer is consists of mixing, homogenizing, heating, cooling and pump discharge and defoaming function. it is the idealest equipment for liquid washing products for cosmetic industry over the world.

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Filling Machine

This machine is made of imported mechanical parts, piston, cylinder, stainless steel and PTFE.

The high quality imported components and excellent design ensure the leading position in the domestic machinery industry.

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RO Water Treatment Plant

Reverse osmosis technology is a modern high technology developed recently in China. Reverse osmosis is to separate water from solution after it permeates the specially-made semi-transparent membrane through exerting a pressure that is higher than the osmosis pressure on the solution. As this process is reverse to the natural permeation direction, it is called reverse osmosis. According to different osmosis pressures of various materials, the process of reverse osmosis with a pressure higher than the osmosis pressure can be used to reach the purposes of separation, extraction, purification and concentration of a certain solution. It does not need heating and there is no phase changing process; therefore, it saves more energy than traditional process.

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Packaging Machine

This machine can be lock of different specifications of the bottle cap shape. Such as nozzle, pump head, spray pump, hand button spray gun screw cap, etc.

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