Perfume Making Machine

Perfume making machines are equipment used in the fragrance industry for the mass production of perfumes. These perfume machines are designed to mix and blend various ingredients, including essential oils, aroma chemicals, solvents, and fixatives, to create unique and appealing scents. The basic components of a perfume making machine include mixing vessels, pumps, filters, and control systems. The mixing vessels are used to combine the ingredients and create the perfume blend, while the pumps and filters are used to transfer and refine the mixture. The control system allows the operator to adjust various parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and mixing speed, to achieve the desired fragrance profile.

Perfume making machine

This perfume manufacturing equipment, perfume filling has: high precision, wide application, high degree of automation, freezer unit and freezer mixing tank adopts separate design, control box and touch screen (flasproof model) also adopts separate design, freezer unit is placed outdoors, freezer mixing tank and touch screen (flasproof model) in the production room, control box in the filling room, The feed of the freezer mixer is filtered into the tank through the pneumatic diaphragm pump through 2 stages, which has the function of internal circulation. The discharge is filtered out and polluted by the pneumatic diaphragm pump through 2 stages.




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