How Many Kinds of Cosmetic Making Machinery Are There?

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How Many Kinds of Cosmetic Making Machinery Are There?

Cosmetic making machinery is a necessity of a cosmetics factory. There are many types of them, but they all have one thing in common, that is, they are all used in the production of cosmetics. Including vacuum emulsifiers, liquid filling machines, paste filling machines, perfume-making machines, perfume freezers, lipstick production lines, pressed powder production lines, etc.

A vacuum emulsifier refers to the mechanical equipment that stirs and shears the material and finally achieves the emulsification effect. It is the leading equipment and core machine of a cosmetics factory and the lifeblood of a cosmetics enterprise. It is mainly used in the production of creams, lotions, essences, hand creams, skin creams, body lotions, facial cleansers, and other products. In addition, vacuum emulsifiers can also be applied to daily chemicals and pharmaceuticals. It can be regarded as multi-functional cosmetic machinery and equipment. It is also an entry choice for a cosmetics company.

A liquid filling machine refers to cosmetic machinery and equipment for filling, sealing, and packaging liquid cosmetics. The machine has several filling heads to infuse liquid cosmetics into bottles and other packaging materials through hoses. Some liquid filling machines are equipped with a tail sealing machine, which will seal the bottom immediately after filling and implement one-stop production of cosmetic machinery and equipment.

The perfume-making machine and the perfume refrigerator are used for perfume production, which can mix, stir, freeze and filter perfume. The volume of the perfume machine is relatively small compared to the vacuum emulsifier mixer. If the company needs it, you can start with a perfume maker.

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