What Products Can the Vacuum Emulsifying Machine Produce?

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  • 2022-08-01
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What Products Can the Vacuum Emulsifying Machine Produce?(Cover)

Vacuum Emulsifier mixer refers to large-scale industrial production equipment that stirs, shears and mixes liquid or pastes and other materials. Its application range includes liquid or paste daily chemicals, liquid or paste cosmetics, and liquid or paste medicines.

Among them, the daily chemicals that can be produced by the emulsifier homogenizer mixer include shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, shaving cream, hair conditioner, etc. The cosmetics produced include face creams, hand creams, moisturizers, skin creams, hair creams, cleansing creams, facial cleansers, kinds of honey, kinds of milk, hair conditioners, essence milk, facial creams, foundation creams, shampoos, concealers Creams, hair balm, essence cream, makeup cream. The medical products that the emulsifier can produce include sugar coatings, injections, antibiotics, protein dispersions, medicated creams, health products, etc.

Yuxiang machinery has specialized in the production of emulsifiers for 20 years and has rich industry experience. Its quality is outstanding and its service guarantees. Its production equipment has been adopted by different manufacturers in different industries.



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