What is a Perfume Production Line?

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What is a Perfume Production Line?(Cover)

1. The vacuum environment system is used to complete a filling cycle and avoid secondary pollution. This is also determined by the quality requirements of the perfume itself: sterilization, preventing oxygen from entering, ensuring clean, low-temperature filling.

2. Improved quality, improved efficiency, reduced floor space, reduced personnel operations, and reduced energy consumption.

3. It is simpler and more convenient in terms of operation, accuracy error, loading adjustment, equipment cleaning, and maintenance.

4. The designed all-pneumatic filling machine uses pneumatic components to replace the electrical control circuit, so it is particularly suitable for use in environments with explosion-proof requirements.

5. High-efficiency and high-efficiency production are one of the competitiveness that every enterprise must emphasize. The shortage of labor demand has forced enterprises to upgrade product manufacturing automation and assembly line operation.

6. Low cost As competition intensifies, the profit of equipment manufacturing will become lower and lower. This requires manufacturing companies to be good at using them. New varieties and new technologies enable companies to effectively control their overall manufacturing costs. From the perspective of perfume production and filling technology: the use and promotion of perfume filling production lines are very valuable.

What is a Perfume Production Line?

The Main Parts of the Perfume Production Line Include

1. Overview of RO Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

The RO reverse osmosis pure water preparation system uses tap water as raw water and first undergoes pre-pretreatment, security filtration, high-pressure pump, primary reverse osmosis, secondary high-pressure pump, secondary RO reverse osmosis treatment, and a series of treatments. After that, it can remove particles, colloids, organic impurities, heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses, heat sources, and other harmful substances and 97% of dissolved salt in the water. The system’s desalination rate is as high as 96-98%. Make the conductivity of the effluent water reach ≤3.0μs/cm. The by-product of the discharge–the concentrated water is harmless to the environment, and it is a separation technology that meets environmental protection requirements. There is no need to consider the stability of the influent water quality too much. The product water quality of the reverse osmosis system can remain stable for a long time without consuming any renewable materials, which is one of its most essential characteristics.

2. Overview of Perfume Freezing Filter

This equipment specializes in using emulsion and perfume to clarify and filter the frozen liquid; it is ideal for filtering emulsion and fragrance in cosmetics factories. The material of this product is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel. The pneumatic diaphragm pump imported from the United States is used as the pressure source for positive pressure filtration. The connecting pipe adopts sanitary polished pipe fittings, and all embrace the connection form of quick installation, which is easy to disassemble and clean. Equipped with polypropylene microporous membrane, it is widely used in the cosmetics industry, scientific research departments, hospitals, laboratories, and other units, making it convenient and reliable to clarify and disinfect a small amount of liquid or conduct micro-chemical analysis. The equipment is easy to operate, stable in performance, compact structure, and small footprint. It is widely used in chemical engineering.

3. Overview of Storage Tanks

1). Storage tanks are divided into vertical storage tanks, horizontal storage tanks, single-layer storage tanks, double-layer storage tanks, and three-layer insulation storage tanks.

2). The stainless steel storage tank equipment has a good design, advanced technology, automatic control and meets the requirements of GMP standards. The tank adopts a vertical or horizontal single-layer or double-layer structure and can be filled with insulation materials according to user requirements.

3). According to the different storage capacities, storage tanks with 50-15000L and above 20000L are recommended to use outdoor storage tanks. The material is made of imported SUS304 stainless steel.

4). The auxiliary equipment of the tank is as follows: agitator, CIP cleaning nozzle, manhole, temperature hole, liquid level indicator, antibacterial breathing port, aseptic sampling port, water inlet, water outlet, etc.

4. Overview of Perfume Filling Line

The working principle of the vacuum filling machine (self-discharge type) is to open the pull valve and connect it to the air source. Place the bottle to be plugged directly under the filling head, and use the elasticity of the bottle shelf to make the bottle stand upright and seal it with the filling head. At this time, the cam opens the mechanical valve, closes the vacuum bottle valve, and opens the suction valve, so that the vacuum generator generates a vacuum (negative pressure).

Form a vacuum environment system (airless bottle-filling head-filling head silicone tube). The vacuum suction forces the material into the bottle. When the bottle material rises to the height of the outer tube of the filling head. Because the vacuum suction force passes through the outer tube, the bottle content is sucked into the vacuum bottle to keep the bottle content at a certain height until the filling bottle is removed. The mechanical valve is closed, and the vacuum generator stops generating a vacuum. The suction tube is closed. The valve of the vacuum bottle is opened, and the material in the vacuum bottle flows into the barrel due to gravity, completing a filling cycle.

5. Overview of Perfume Capping Machine

The capping machine packages food, household cleaning products, cosmetics, handicrafts, and other products (such as capping, flapping, and sleeve pressing). The whole machine adopts a complete pneumatic control design, has simple operation and maintenance, and is convenient.



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