Why Does the Vacuum Emulsifier Machine Be Made of Stainless Steel?

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  • 2022-08-01
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Stainless steel vacuum emulsifier machine is an emulsifier made of 304 / 316 steel, which is mainly used in the daily chemical industry, cosmetics industry and pharmaceutical industry. Equipment is generally located in the dry, well-ventilated workshop. Generally used in the above industries of large-scale continuous production.

Why Does the Vacuum Emulsifier Machine Be Made of Stainless Steel?(Cover)

According to the classification of stainless steel vacuum, emulsifier machine can be on the homogeneous stainless steel emulsifier and under the homogeneous stainless steel and upper and lower homogeneous stainless steel emulsifier. Why does the vacuum emulsifier have to be made of stainless steel?

1. Because the vacuum emulsifier machine is mainly used to produce liquid and cream products. These products contain varying degrees of moisture and chemicals, the use of stainless steel can prevent chemical reactions and produce rust.

2. Because the products produced by the vacuum emulsifier machine are directly in contact with the skin or directly for drinking, it requires a high level of hygiene. Stainless steel polishing is adopted to make the pot body and inner pot more smooth and reduce the bacteria caused by the retention of materials.

3. The smooth surface is easier to clean and is suitable for products with high requirements on hygiene.

4. Another reason for using stainless steel is because of the aesthetic effect. The feeling that smooth stainless steel gives a person is clean and neat, and permanent still can shine white be like new, maintain longer.



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