Automatic Eye Drop Filling & Capping Machine

Automatic Eye Drop Filling & Capping Machine


This eye drop filling capping machine is applicable to engage in the production of eye drops, electronic cigarettes, and essential oil products, this machine has high speed, automatic and smooth, high qualified rate, Chungnese and red plug have special mold and mechanism, high qualified rate, teaching mechanism with eccentric cam teaching, small noise, long service life, hopper and the outer plug cap hopper with double track or monorail can be. This machine can be used for iodine, tincture, oil and other products of production.

Performance & Feature

1. PLC control, simple operation, convenient.

2. Four colleagues filling, high yield.

3. Defoaming, sneak into the filling, no foaming, no splashing liquid.

4. An outer cover, special mold, high qualified rate, not to hurt the inner plug and an outer cover.

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter



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