Automatic Flat Bottle Labeling Machine

Automatic Flat Bottle Labeling Machine


Performance & Feature

1. This model applies to cosmetics, beverages and pharmaceutical industries areas.

2. Equip with PLC touch screen has two language of Chinese and English, easy to operate.

3. Labeling sending system can be changeable by adjustment of 8 - dimensional space, easily changeable to suitable for different bottles size.

4. Adopt dynamical soft rubber-covered roll? to make sure labeling quality, the structure of Cylinder clamping roller would improve the labeling precision.

5. Speciallabel for round bottles, precision is high and will not appear bubble on the surface.

6. Air compressor is reciprocating type, to positioni thebottles, it can stick one or both label at one time, it is special suitable for both sides labeling.

7. We can customized machine for your request, the labeling machine can be connect with filling machine, screw capping machine, material transport pump, etc.

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter




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