Perfume Freezing Machine

Perfume Freezing Machine


On the basis of introducing advanced technologies from abroad by our company, the product is specially used for clarification and filtration of liquids such as cosmetics, perfume, etc. after freezing. It is an ideal device for filtering cosmetics and perfume in cosmetics factory. The product is made of high quality 304-2B stainless steel or 316L stainless steel. The pneumatic diaphragm imported from USA is adopted for pressure source to carry out positive pressure filtration. The connecting pipes are sanitary polishing pipes, which completely adopt rapid installation type connection form, with convenient assembly, disassembly and cleaning. Equipped with polypropylene microporous filtration film, it can be widely used in cosmetics industry, scientific research department, hospital and laboratory etc. for clarification, bacteria removal and filtration of small amount of liquid, or micro chemical analysis, which is convenient and reliable.

Performance & Feature

1. Stainless steel heat preservation freezing tank and titanium metal coil pipe.

2. Ultra low temperature freezing unit (imported).

3. Anticorrosive pneumatic diaphragm pump (imported).

4. Polypropylene microporous filtration film (plate and frame filter is optional).

5. Stainless steel moveable supporter.

6. Sealing type electric control system and sanitary pipe fittings and valves.

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter



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