Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machine


GZJ-Y series fully automatic liquid filling machine is suitable for various kinds of high viscosity liquid products such as chemical, food, medical, grease industries, etc.

Performance & Feature

GZJ-Y Full automatic filling machine adopts foreign advanced technologies, designed and developed by our company. It is multi-function, has reasonable structure, stable performance, accurate filling for food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industrial liquid products etc. such as cosmetic shampoo, liquid detergent, lotion etc. Filling volume is adjustable. It can be used for both cool or hot liquid and particular for various kinds of bottles. The whole machine is made of imported stainless steel surely meet the GMP standard. We can make to order to fix with bottle feeding machine, capping machine, inkjet printing machine and other devices.

Technical Parameter



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