Lipstick Filling Machine

Lipstick Filling Machine


This machine is suitable for filling lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, etc., with 12 filling nozzles, instant filling can meet various needs.

Performance & Feature

1. This machine is made of stainless steel which is conformed to mechanical principle with the beautiful appearance and precise design.

2. Stainless steel 316L double jacket material tank is mirror polished from both inner and outer surface. It is with mixing and temperature controlling system.

3. Filling part adopt mechanical movement, advanced motor makes the precise filling volume reach 0.02 degree.

4. Full automatic control system, simple computer interface makes operation easier. The heating system is fixed with advanced temperature controlling system which can control 20 units of temperature data to avoid troublesome and complex of simple control. It makes the heating system stable and excellent.

Technical Parameter




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